Repair & Ticketing

We have a simple workflow system which keeps checking in repairs as fast and efficient as possible.

Point of Sale (POS)

Take control of your register & track cash. Registers can be closed at the end of the day so you can compare expected cash or other tender types to actual totals. Close-out process also allows you to keep specified amounts of cash in the till and include a reconciliation report showing a snapshot of all activities during the shift.

Inventory Management

Our inventory system allows you to track stock levels with low stock reports available. It adjusts each time a job is completed making it easier to keep track of which parts need to be reordered.

Ticketing/Job Dashboard

Easy to read job list on the main page makes it easy to manage your workflow and see which jobs need an estimation, need completed or are ready to collect.

Employee Management

Define, set and implement different employee permissions to control their level of access to RepairPOS. An unlimited number of employees can be added.

Customer Relations Management

Visualise your customer data with our customer map feature and analyse your geographical distribution at a glance. View past customers repair and purchase history making warranty claims easier.

Email & SMS Alerts

Setup automated SMS* or email alerts which triggers automatically when a repair job is completed, available for pick up, pending for parts or If you would like to send a follow up SMS, simply enter a custom message.
*(SMS requires an API with an external SMS service, this is not included in RepairPos, textmagic and messagemedia are currently supported but we can work with you to add your client to our software)